Proposal at White Rock Lake: Jinu + Niya

From Niya:

How long have you two been together?

Jinu and I have known each other for 11 years. We were friends at first, but eventually started dating. So, officially we have been together for 4 years now.

Was it love at first sight? How did you meet?

(I decided to put these questions together because the story would make more sense this way)

Funny that you ask that question.

This is going to sound like its too good to be true, but here it goes. It was love at first sight for me. However, not so much for Jinu.

So the story of Jinu and I goes like this. I used to live in India before moving to Dallas, TX. The summer I was going to move to Texas, one of my closest cousin came to visit me and told me about his new friends in Dallas. He started to show me pictures of different people from Dallas and then he showed me a picture of Jinu. I don't know what it was about him, but he definitely caught my 14 year old self's attention. I was smitten by him and I couldn't shake it off. Fast forward to when I finally moved to Dallas, TX. I was getting ready to go to church knowing full well that Jinu would be there. After church, my cousin took me to meet all his friends. I knew I was going to meet Jinu so I was filled with excitement but yet still so nervous. My first encounter with Jinu, I would say went well but I don't really remember, to be honest. However, I do remember feeling shy, giddy, and nervous. Unfortunately, for Jinu, I was initially just his friend's cousin.

Long story short, I eventually became the love of his life.

I'm going to let Jinu answer the next two questions. I don't want to have all the fun! - Niya

From Jinu:

Tell us about your first date:

Our first date was not really a typical first date. We have known each other for over 11+ years and were already close friends. After our initial encounter back when were teenagers and a couple of growing pains throughout high school and undergrad we learned more about life and matured into adults. Life was definitely at a different perspective by this point in time and Niya was a person that was always there and genuinely a sweet and loving person. She was an amazing friend throughout the years that was always there for you through anything and we slowly started getting closer and closer. She effortlessly became my best friend and I knew this girl was someone special and she meant a lot to me as a friend. I eventually took my chance on her and took her on a date which thankfully she agreed too after much reluctance but it was the best decision I had ever made. We had no issues. We knew each other and meshed immediately and we are still growing together to this day!

Tell us about your proposal:

The proposal was months of planning. My sister was the one who was the mastermind and CEO of the entire operation with my approval. Niya is a simple yet complicated girl. She loves puzzles, she loves riddles/challenges, she loves solving things and she LOVESSSS Harry Potter. So I decided I was going to incorporate all of her favorite things.

In order to get her to believe me, I told her that my best friend had just purchased a new house and it was also his birthday two weeks after he got the keys to his new house. Both of these were true and we wanted to celebrate this big achievement with him. Ironically it was also restaurant week in Dallas so we had to dress up for a nice event.

As convincing as the story was, Niya is a simple girl and decided to wear jeans right before I went to pick her up.

At this point, everything was planned and set. Her best friend and first cousin went over and told her to change immediately.

From this point on it was happening. It started at her own house as soon as she got ready, she was going to be a part of the Hogwarts school and would be hunting horcruxes. Her objective was to solve riddles, which would lead her to her horcrux. Once she found her horcrux, she would get a set of puzzle pieces and a riddle to her next clue and destination for her next horcrux. Once she found all the horcruxes and completed the puzzle, she would eventually get to her final destination.

I am not going to get into the details of the riddles, the puzzle or the horcruxes because there was a lot of details that went into it but each bridesmaid was stationed at each location that also helped her get through her journey. The proposal would have gone perfectly but it was raining all day. The one day of the summer when it was supposed to be over 110 degrees, it was pouring rain all day on August 11th. There was a clear spot where I thought everything would work out perfectly but a small storm came through right when she got there. It broke my backdrop and definitely rained on us but it ended up being a bollywood rainsoaked proposal which was alot of fun.

She was in amazing spirits as the simple person she always is. Our photographer Brianna was also amazing and it ended up being absolutely amazing. I don't think I would go back and change a thing.

It was as Jinu and Niya of a proposal as it could get!

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