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Engagement at the Lost Oak Winery: Ebony + Brandon

Wedding Date: Friday, August 31,2018

Wedding Location: Lost Oak Winery - Burleson, TX

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? Travel and be with family

How we met:

An airport hangar led Brandon and I to each other. Our love has been first class since day one.

It was an icy February night in 2010 during all star weekend in Dallas, TX. There was a snow/ice storm and yet The Kardashian's (my cousins, Court and Hil) and Black Barbie (Me) were out partying with our boys, Team BBC. BBC hosted the official Maverick's All Star weekend party featuring Mary J. and Common.

It was freezing inside the hangar, the music was live, but my toes were frozen y'all. lol

Brandon and his good friend, Cordel were behind a VIP section where my cousins spotted him peeking from behind the sheer curtain and staring - I felt it but refused to turn around and give him any attention. I remember Hils asked him what he was staring at and he started to point (pointing at me). I walked over and asked what are you staring at? I wasn't in the best of places and was enjoying single life, drama free and without considering a partner's thoughts and feelings. I liked the space a lot. I walked over to him with a lot of attitude and sass. If Brandon were a genius, he would've ran then, but in good ole Brandon fashion it did nothing but welcome a challenge and he was up to it.

The funny part of our meeting is that he handed me his business card and told me his FULL name when pulling it from the inside pocket of his sport coat. Ask Brandon and I'm pretty sure he'll give you a different version on the whole business card ordeal, but I have proof y'all. I have that business card still and giggle every time I look at it. I was 28 years old when we met and I thought it was a bit peculiar that he gave me his business card instead of putting his information in my phone like everyone else typically did. I knew there was something special about him and it scared me. I then realized that letting my guard down any time soon was not even an option. I'd been single for approximately two years, I was finally getting my groove back, and had prayed to God that the next man I date be my husband, otherwise keep me single. I am in awe of God that my prayer really came to fruition so soon in Bran, but I'm so blessed it has.

He wrapped his coat around my shoulders as we talked, which was a nice gesture since it was freezing in the venue. I must admit that deep down inside it made me warm and fuzzy but I refused to show him that. We sat and talked for the remainder of the party, essentially hollering at one another over the music and bass blaring in the background. He intrigued me—it was rare to come across someone so handsome, yet intellectually sound. I knew it took a lot to keep my attention, it's similar to the attention span of a gnat. lol

After the party, we went our separate ways but talked on the phone for hours once I got back to my hotel room at the Magnolia. We were baking some serious cakes, y'all...Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker were in the building.

Our first date didn't come until months after meeting, because I wasn't calling and if he wanted to talk or pursue 'us' then he'd call, but I glanced at that business card daily. He shared the same sentiments and was accustomed to women chasing his ole funny eyed self (lol), but not this woman. I remember him eventually calling and saying, in a very direct and firm tone, "so you just wasn't gonna call?" I replied with a simple, "nope!" We made plans for drinks and a movie, he'd pick me up and we'd hang. I felt like a kid in the candy store. I hadn't had a real date in a while and he was picking me up like I was 16. I had such a good time, he was the perfect gentleman—opened my car door, opened the door at the movie theater, ordered for me, and held my hand. At one point, I believe it was too good to be true, but we both deserved something and someone different. That casual date ended up turning into so much more, but not before we lost touch for a few months, until I got a random 'hey you' text message. I remember meeting up with Bran before heading out to my BFF's wedding in OK, and him telling me before we went our separate ways that he chose me and was committed to us. It took me a whole 3-hour ride to digest what he'd said and the raw emotion he displayed when telling me that—plus I'll never forget that kiss. OOWWW!

The love you see before you has been intentional, taken work, prayer, friendship, constant forgiveness, and an appreciation for what God has gifted us with.It's a love that has been tested and stood the test of time.

We've realized what we want for our future, and have gone all in on our love. We didn't arrive at this day by happenstance—its all been God.

We're grateful to be sharing our day with you and ask that you pray for our journey ahead, as we grow our family and our love.

The Proposal:

Brandon proposed to me at my family’s home in Slick, OK, on Memorial Day weekend. It’s a place where I spent many summers with my grandparents and first cousins. We’d get dropped off every summer where we played in dirt, learned all of my Grandmother’s secret recipes (her sweet potato pie being one of them), had “coffee” with our Grandmother and enjoyed her delicious rice at breakfast - no one could make rice like her. Now, my family and I spend each Memorial Day weekend together there. It’s a tradition I’ve introduced Brandon to and we’ve both grown to love. It was the best place he could’ve asked me to be his wife. My Aunt Lenora had just come over with her warm chocolate cake, I was in the house cutting a huge hunk of it when Brandon asked me to come outside. I wasn’t dressed up, in fact I’d just finished BBQing with my cousin, Vince, and my Uncle Brad. I smelled like a huge chuck of BBQ chicken. It was dark out and he (Brandon) asked me to turn the light on and come over. Everyone was standing around talking and he asked that the pay attention - everything else is an absolute blur. If I didn’t have the video I wouldn’t know what came after I caught a glimpse of a ring box with a light shining on my ring. All I could think of was, “daaaaaaammmmmmmn that’s mine!?”

Although he and I had set a date before we were official, I still was caught off guard. It was everything that was just right for he and I. I do remember him saying, “Clyde needs his Bonnie, so what we doing? Forever we ride.” So now you have Bonnie and Clyde jumping the broom on 8/31/18, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it.

Location of Engagement Shoot: Lost Oak Winery

Were there any funny or memorable moments during your engagement session? Our dance photo. Yeah I almost busted my tail in those shoes with all that spinning. Of course, Brandon and Brianna though it was the funniest thing. Just know I got out of those shoes as quickly as I could.

How has wedding planning been so far? Grateful it’s almost over! It’s going. What are you looking forward to most on the wedding day? Him seeing me in my dress and his reaction to the gift I made for him. I still have the business card he gave me when we met.

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