Wedding at Private Residence: Heather + Jesse

Wedding Date: February 24, 2018

Wedding Location: Garland, Texas

Tell about your love story!

How did you meet? What makes your mate a perfect match? How was the question popped?

We’ve actually known each other since we were 10 and we became good friends in high school, but we didn’t start dating until we were both in college. Once we started dating, we realized we had so much in common. We found a lot of connections between our childhoods of which we weren’t initially aware. We both love geeky things and have each introduced the other to even more geek-doms over time. Most of all, we complete each other. We each have strengths that the other doesn’t and so we can lean on the other for help when we need it most. We had been together for more than seven years before we became engaged. We had discussed marriage much earlier, but between college and the post-college search for employment, actually getting married kept getting pushed back. He popped the question after we attended a musical in Uptown Dallas. It was late enough once we got outside that the plaza nearby was empty, but there were lights strung up everywhere. It was both beautiful and secluded.

Describe your wedding planning process.

How long were you engaged? Who helped plan? Did you hire a planner? What planning tools did you use? What turned out to be your best decision surrounding the big day?

We were engaged for eight months, but for much of that time we hadn’t even picked a date. We basically planned it by ourselves in about three or four months using mostly digital documents and spreadsheets to organize our work. We used Pinterest for inspiration, Thumbtack to find a photographer, and lots of family members for discounted services or labor. One of the best decisions we made was an extremely last minute decision to make a binder guide to our wedding day for the family members who were running the show. We didn’t want to be juggling a bunch of day-of problems and constant questions, but were concerned that our earlier efforts to let our plans be known had fallen on deaf ears.

Recap your big day for us.

What made you laugh? What made you cry? What were the most memorable moments? What unexpected things happened that weren't planned for?

Our nephew was a wonderful source of laughter and joy during the ceremony. He was our flower bearer and had been practicing spreading petals with his parents for weeks. He was so excited when his big moment finally came, but when he saw the roomful of people he froze. Then he giggled and, with some prodding, continued his petal spreading duties. We both started to cry right before the ceremony started and continued during the majority of the ceremony—it was all just so long coming. One of the most memorable and meaningful moments for both of us was the toasts given by our respective siblings. There weren’t any unexpected things that happened on the day of the wedding. A lot of issues cropped up in the two days before, but by the day-of, everything was just moving so fast.

What about the details?

What was your vision/theme? How did you bring it to life?

We had a greenery and enchanted forest theme in mind, but greenery, whether it was fresh or fake, was ridiculously expensive. We were on a serious budget and, unfortunately, were unable to get really any greenery. Our breakthrough find for an affordable substitute was felt leaf greenery garland created by Florologie on Etsy. We ordered some custom lengths to decorate the altar, railing, and banister and backed the garland with white tulle. The second key part of our decorating theme was plastic terrariums filled with LED tea lights and faux flowers that we suspended from the ceiling with fishing line. The final major feature of our decorating was lighting: LED pillars and tea lights, string lights, and globe lights.

What's the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

Keep sight on what is most important to you and your partner. Don’t worry about other people’s expectations or comparing your wedding to anyone else’s. That was our guiding principle throughout the wedding process and the one we kept coming back to when it became more difficult.

What do you look forward to most as Mr. & Mrs.?

We look forward to continuing to build our lives together.

What has surprised you most during the first few weeks of marriage?

We were surprised by the sort of shock we felt when it was all over. By the time we were married, we had been together for more than eight years, so there was a lot leading up to that point. We planned the wedding in three or four months, so everything felt like a mad dash. Most of all, our wedding day went by so quickly it felt like a blur. We were pretty happy with how our wedding turned out—even with all the little things that went wrong in those last few days—but we also couldn’t believe that it all went as well as it did.

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Photographer: Brianna Dickson Photography

Bridal Hair and Makeup: Tiffany at ULTA Beauty Salon, Mesquite, Texas

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