Proposal at the Reunion Tower Geo Deck: Emily + Joshua

How long have you two been together? 1 year

Was it love at first sight? Yes! We met as neighbors in our apartments downtown. When I first saw her we were outside walking our dogs, and I knew once I saw her that it was love at first sight!

How did you meet? We met as neighbors at our apartments in downtown Okc!

Tell us about your first date: So Emily comes home everyday for her lunch breaks and she let’s her dog out during that time as well! She would always see my husky outside my window when she left and one day she offered to start taking him out as well when she comes home during the day!

I said yes of course.

And then I asked her if I could buy her dinner one night as a “friendly gesture” to show my appreciation for her doing this. But I think that we both knew that I was asking her out to dinner as a date! From then on, we went on many more dinner dates, spending lots and lots of time together!

Tell us about the proposal! With the great help of friends, family, and of course my amazing photographer Brianna Dickson! I was able to put together a perfect night at the reunion tower!

I surprised her upstairs in a private section we had set up. She had no idea at all, she thought that we were meeting some work clients for dinner and to discuss possible business expansion in the Dallas area!

Both of our families knew about my plan I had, and everyone was on board and helped by not spilling the beans to her throughout the last couple weeks of the plan! I took her upstairs to the private section, where Brianna was there already to take pictures and everything! Lot’s of people were around the area to witness it which made it even more special! I told her that I had to confess to her that this was not a business trip, I told how much I cared for her and loved her, and that I wanted to be hers for the rest of my life. I dropped down on one knee and I proposed to her, and she said YES!

It was an amazing night I can’t thank everyone involved for making it so special!

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