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Day 2 | Nigerian Wedding at The Springs in Katy Texas: Oluwaseun + Taye

Wedding Date: ​Saturday 8/5/2017​

Wedding Location:​ Pattison United Methodist Church; The Springs Katy Event Venue​

Describe your wedding planning process: ​We were engaged for technically 4 months but til our wedding celebration 10 months.​ I did majority of the wedding planning as far as decorations, church and reception venue, etc. My mother did the food catering, cakes, and Nigerian clothing for Taye and I and the parents of the bride and groom. Taye did the suits for his groomsmen, and the Nigerian clothing for his friends. I did the Nigerian clothing for friends, family, and the bridal party. Altogether, it was family effort to make everything come together. My brother-in-law helped book the band that performed, Taye booked the videographer, and found the DJ. My sister, Shola and Alicia did the day of wedding coordination. The list goes on. We did not hire a wedding planner, but was a GREAT help for the wedding checklist, website, and registry. I love that we did it all on our own, but doing ALL fake flowers was a great plan on the wedding day!

Recap your big day for us:

​I laughed a lot, but I think what kept us laughing is our amazing bridal party, they had such a great spirit throughout our wedding season. I think just being in the moment of the day and seeing all the love poured out from everyone. I think the most memorable moment was Taye singing to me one of my favorite songs. Nothing crazy happened unexpectedly, thank God.

My sisters and lovely ushers kept things running so smoothly any hiccups, they kept from us. It was truly a stress-free, that was such a blessing! ​OMG, I just remembered a hiccup we had... My family lost the table cloths for the wedding, so one of my bridesmaids, Courtney had to go to the nearest Walmart and buy all the tablecloths they had, which was only 4, I guess they don't use many tablecloths in the country. We made it work, but a few tables only had layovers with no table cloth lol which actually didn't look too bad.

Now that I am writing about hiccups I am remembering more, long story short the pastor officiating the wedding filled in last minute as the man minister.

With her church, they require women to cover their heads in the sanctuary so some of my bridesmaids went to the local Walmart at like 11pm the night before the wedding to find head covers. The funny part of the story is that they found these infinity scarves that turned out to be super cute. Some ladies left their scarves at the hotel so we ended up cutting some of the scarves in halves, which you surprisingly couldn't tell the difference. Long story short, the scarves were cute!

What about the details?

​I was going for a simple vintage feel for the wedding (some pearls, flowers, candles). I wanted the decor to be simple but also unique. We asked Ehi cakes to do purple, pink, and off white cake... who has purple wedding cake? WE DID! 90% of our decorations were from different thrift stores in Dallas and Houston. We also got the flowers and other items 2nd hand from past brides selling their decor. I had a vision in my mind for a vintage, eclectic vibe, I didn't want any table to be exactly the same. I didn't really get to physically see my vision come to life until the day of when our bridal party and family was setting it all up. It came out great! The picture guestbook I loved, I got the idea from my brother's wedding. Overall, the purple cake was my favorite!

What's the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

​HAVE FUN, no one is perfect so it is okay if your wedding isn't perfect, or if everything doesn't run perfectly ​

What do you look forward to most as Mr. & Mrs.?

​I love being married, lots of fun so far! I look forward most to traveling the world with my honey and starting a family together ​

What has surprised you most during the first few weeks of marriage?

​I think what surprised me most was missing my husband when I leave for work. Being soooo tired weeks after the wedding. Having so much to still do AFTER the wedding, thank you calls, thank you letters, changing my name, cleaning up the house, putting away gifts, etc. It's a lot but I kind of enjoy it lol ​

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