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Day 1 | Traditional Nigerian Wedding at Ashford Oaks in Houston Texas: Oluwaseun + Taye

Traditional Engagement Date: 8/3/2017

Engagement Location: Ashford Oaks Houston, TX

Tell about your love story!​


How did we meet? Hmmm... that's an interesting question.

The short story, Taye and my mother have attended the same church, Mountain of Fire and Miracles New Glory, for over a year together.

The longer story, MFM New Glory was having a thanksgiving service which my entire family was at giving thanks for 2015 and all its blessings. After the thanksgiving service there was a picnic celebration, which I was not able to attend because of previous commitments. However, my mother brought home some of the delicious snacks from the picnic. Later that evening, I was looking in the fridge for a snack, when I stumbled upon some spring rolls and samosas. I did not bother to warm them up, I just wanted a taste, and can I say how DELICIOUS the snacks were! I asked my mom if she could get the number of the person who made them, as I wanted the person to make some snacks for my cousin, Bukola, who is also one of my matron of honor's Arabian themed bridal shower. As you may be figuring out or already knew, Taye was the wonderful chef behind the delicious snacks. Moving forward, after the bridal shower Taye asked me how everyone liked the snacks for the bridal shower. He continued with some friendly conversation (not related to his business) and we began to talk more and more regularly thereafter.

That's how we met!


Where do I begin... I guess I can only tell what I know; you have to hear the whole story from Taye.

My cousin, Bukola (Bukky), who is also one of my Matrons Of Honor, called me and casually mentioned that her and her husband, Idris, should go on a double date. We ended up setting a date, time, and place in Houston (I am clueless of the plotting going on). Unfortunately for them, when the weekend was soon approaching I was worn out and had NO energy to drive to Houston for just a day. I called Bukky and Taye to let them know I was thinking about canceling our plans. Taye pulled out ALL the excuses of why he really wanted me to come to Houston, without giving away the secret, until I gave in.

That Friday, I drove into town and we had many errands to run. We stopped to talk with my parents, we stopped to talk to one of our pastors, and all these people were in on it (I was still clueless). Finally we made it to Top Golf, a little late, and I was a still clueless. We were playing golf, we ordered food, even though I wasn't really hungry, Bukky was persuasive. Taye left to the restroom for what felt like forever, but golfing was keeping me busy. When it was my turn, the food arrived and there was a special delivery from the Chef, that's my chef! It wasn't just the wings we ordered it was a shiny diamond ring to go with it! My eyes were closed for most of it, but when I opened my eyes many of friends and family were all gathered around witnessing The Proposal!

I think what makes us the perfect match is that we love God, we love food, Taye's patient and a little shy. I am working on my patience and a little shy and a lot social. We embrace each others differences and accept one another.

Any memorable moments from the day of your engagement? I almost didn't show up for my own proposal, I live in Dallas and Taye lived in Houston at the time. I was really tired after that week of work and didn't feel like driving down. Taye literally had to beg me to come to Houston, and make some excuses why he needed me to come.

The engagement day: The day of the engagement Taye and I spent most of the day together, he brought me donuts, one of my faves, and he showed up for my nail appointment. We finished up the beginning of the day with WingStop one of our faves. When I finally made it to the venue, he kept peeking at me before we entered for the program. We love being around each other. Even though we drive each other cray cray sometimes.

Any advice for couples in the process of planning their traditional engagement​s​? I think we would just say to have fun, enjoy this time of your lives because it will only happen once. Don't over spend, because the wedding is just a weekend, you have to think and plan for the rest of your lives. Oh yeah, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!! Have fun!

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