Engagement at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden: Caitlin + Cort

Wedding Date: 3/24/18

Wedding Location: Magnolia Hotel, downtown Dallas

What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? We don't have a lot of spare time, so if we're not at work or the gym, we like to go to the dine-in movie theater behind our house.

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal: We are both Jewish and met at the kick-off meeting of Hillel at UNT for the fall semester of 2014. We got engaged this past Valentine's Day.

We had already kind of started planning the wedding before we were even engaged so we knew it was soon. I had suspected that it might be Valentine's Day, but Cort has a habit of doing things unexpectedly.

A couple days before, he told me that he was a little short on money so I shouldn't be expecting my Valentine's gift on actual Valentine's Day, which was fine with me because it didn't have to be that day. I knew it would happen eventually. We were getting ready that night to go to Valentine's dinner. After I had gotten dressed, I went ahead and gave him his gift (a fossil watch that he had wanted for a while). Then I went to get my coat, but he stopped me and said that he lied and actually had already gotten my gift. Then he knelt down and pulled out a box and proposed, and I had to go redo my make up before heading out to dinner because I had cried so much.

Location of Engagement Shoot: Dallas Arboretum

Were there any funny or memorable moments during your engagement session? Not any particular moments. The whole experience was fun, especially with it being our first time there!

How has wedding planning been so far? Honestly, stressful because we are paying for it ourselves out of pocket, but it has definitely taught us how to budget better.

What are you looking forward to most on the wedding day? I'm most looking forward to getting all of closet friends together all in the same place and just seeing people we haven't seen in a while.

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