Wedding Photographer Dallas

I'm Brianna, your future wedding photographer!

Below you will find a few details about me. 


Feel free to browse my work and if you'd like to chat definitely reach out. 


I'm looking forward to learning more about you two and all that makes you, you.

Brianna Dickson


Wedding Photographer Dallas
Brianna - Brianna Dickson Wedding Photography Dallas
  1. I'm a Dallas Native.

  2. I started in photography in 2007. I've now been a photographer full time since 2013! 

  3. I've been married to the greatest guy in the world since 2010.

  4. We have 4 furbabies (all dogs) - Mo, Charm, Cinna and Reece

  5. My favorite dessert is Cheese Cake (but I will accept chocolate covered pretzels anytime lol)

  6. In my free time, I love to read manga, watch ghost shows and true crimes videos

  7. My birthday is November 1st so growing up I had Halloween parties

  8. I also love to travel!  We've been to a good portion of the US and have toured France, Italy and Spain.

  9. I'm a total foodie (and my husband can really cook) My favorite food blog is @paulsfoodhaul on Instagram

  10. I'm a "pretty private person" - (Introvert) - so on social media I hardly post anything

  11. I Facebook/Instagram stalk everyone lol (total lurker)

and finally - 

Wedding Photographer Dallas

12. I'm really glad you're here :)


Congrats on your engagement 


I hope to see you soon!

Brianna + Jamile

Meet Brianna: